You’re Invited to Attend a Briden Farm Tasting Event!

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A time of Fun with Friends while enjoying the Tastes of Briden Farm Woodland Pasture Raised Meats and other Goodies. No pressure, just a fun time together where you’ll get to try our products for free!

Were hoping to hold a Tasting Event in Your Area soon. We hold our Events in homes and we’re looking for people to Host an Event. As Host, or Hostess, You’ll reap rewards, like Free Meat! We have things setup, or will set them up, so that we do most of the work and all you have to do is invite guests who you think would enjoy a fun time sampling our Woodland Pastured Meats and other products. No pressure though, we just want to keep it Fun!

If You, or someone you know, would like to Host and Event, please contact Brian at Briden Farm at 902-907-0770. Even if You don’t want to Host an Event, We’d still like You to attend. For Free!

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