Fencing New Pasture

Laying Out New Pasture At Briden Farm

This photo, or should I say this amalgamation of three photos shows the appropriate layout of the new pasture for our Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Or at least the Does, Snow…

What Would You Think if You Saw This

What Would You Think if You Saw This!?

What would You think? If You Saw the Scene above at Your Front Door!? I was sure something had happened to our boy Jack! See, Jack was hand raised by…

Over 30,000 Visits

Briden Farm Receives Over 30,000 Visits

The interest and support we’ve received over the past six months since we purchased our homestead here on the West Branch, over looking the Head of The Tide, in Bear…

Newley Hatched Chicks

The Moment Of Hatch

Watch as we Experience this little Chick being born here in our Incubator at Briden Farm in Bear River, Nova Scotia. 

Incubating Chicken Eggs

Incubating Chicken Eggs

We’re on Day 19, or is it 18? Some say you count the first day, others say no, some say if you put your eggs in the incubator in the…