Brian Qualified as a FavChef2024 Group Finalist

Brian is in the Top 5 and Needs Your Support!

Brian entered, and was selected as a Contestant for Carla Hall’s Favourite Chef 2024 Competition and has Officially Qualified as a Group Finalist! Now Brian has to be in the #1 spot in his Group by June 27, 2024, to proceed to the Quarter Finals in July. We’re asking You to use Your Free Vote for Brian and to consider a Donation to the James Beard Foundation, even a small $10 would help, as every Dollar raised also counts towards the needed Votes! Click Here to Vote Now!

Baby Chicks at Briden Farm

Chicken Nuggets arrived at Briden Farm

I could spend all day listening to these little ones. Beautiful and very meditative. They grow very fast at this stage, doubling their size every week for their first few…

Goats on New Pasture

From Past to Pasture

My Hobby of the past 30+ Years is Family History and Genealogy. Growing Your Family Tree is one of Two Books I have Written on the topic, and after Three…