Dad, Briden, and Roscoe

Roscoe our Golden Lab, has Adopted Our New Lamb who We’ve named Briden

Sadly, sometimes a Sheep will reject her Lamb. Sometimes it means it will die, sometimes it may survive, but seldom will it be adopted by the family Dog! Roscoe, our Yellow Lab, (I call Him a Golden Lab, because there’s nothing Yellow about Him), plays protector to all our animals He Mothers them all, even our cats curl up with him and even give him chest massages! So, I guess, I shouldn’t be too surprised to see Roscoe step up and Adopt a new born Lamb, who was rejected by it’s Mother! This Video Shows… Click Here to visit our YouTube Channel, Please Like and Subscribe! It’s Free!  

Sourdough Bread

Making Sourdough Bread

Nothing is quite as nice as a good Sourdough Starter, and making Sourdough Bread! Not only is it a great bread, with wonderful flavours, but has no yeast or sugar…