Located high on a bluff overlooking West Branch Bear River, near the Head of the Tide, in Bear River, Nova Scotia sits a Small Hobby Farm, affectionately known as Briden Farm. 

Believing good can come out of bad, we moved home to Bear River, Nova Scotia in 2020, and bought a homestead of nearly 22 Acres on West Branch Bear River, with Franklin Brook running through it. An old, beautiful, home that definitely needs work, but that carries with it the seeds of greatness.

While We can be described as Hobby Farmers, Homesteaders, and Survivalists, we can best be described as living our dream! My name is Brian Hurlburt, and my Partner is Denis.

While we care for our Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and Mixed Flock of Chickens, what we hear most often, from those who visit Briden Farm, is how relaxing and peaceful it is here! 

Briden Farm really is the perfect place to escape the fears and madness of the outside World. Come spend time in Nature, with our Goats and Chickens to help relieve your Stress and provide hours of entertainment! Spend time exploring the Briden Farm Woodlands and Waterways while embracing fun, and nature’s healing ways!

We encourage our friends, family, and others to come to visit us, and hope to eventually have AirBnB Accommodations, but for now, we need to work on this 150 Year Old House to provide it with some TLC. The place is comfortable and cozy and has good bones, but needs some work!

You might say we chose to do everything backwards! Now, at this point, we have 36 mouths to feed! MOST of whom belong to critters that, at this point, are contributing little more than entertainment value! Not quite the Egg, Milk, Cheese, and Butter, we had hoped for! That will come in time! 😉

Also, in time we plan to have Walking Tours, Nature Tours, Herb Walks, and even a few more ways to have fun!

Relax! Enjoy Life!
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