A Tractor Ride at Briden Farm (Pt. 3)

A Tractor Ride at Briden Farm Part 3

So thankful You’ve taken time to share in our ride!  In A Tractor Ride at Briden Farm Part 1 and A Tractor Ride at Briden Farm Part 2 You got to see how we’re turning our Woodlands to Pasture and later to Gardens with the help of our Nigerian Dwarf Goats and our Berkshire Tamworth Pigs. How we’re making fencing from up-cycling old Mink Cages, and even how much of a slope we have on certain parts of Briden Farm. In fact, You even discovered that sometimes I think it’s better to turn the camera off and concentrate on our driving!  Now, get ready for A Tractor Ride at Briden Farm Part 3. In Part 3 You’ll see the conclusion, you’ll see how far I got, and get a sneak peek at the journey back!  Thanks so much for watching our videos! I learnt a few things making this three part…

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A Tractor Ride Pt. 2

A Tractor Ride at Briden Farm Part 2

So, hopefully you’re here after watching A Tractor Ride at Briden Farm Part 1. In that video You saw a bit of how we’re changing Woodlands into Pasture and soon…

A Tractor Ride Pt. 1

A Tractor Ride at Briden Farm

This one was fun! I hope You have as much fun watching it as I did recording it! It’s actually in 3 Parts, and that’s for a few reasons. One,…

70,000 Visits in 6 Months

70,000 Visits in 6 Months

We launched our Briden Farm website on Mischief Night, the evening of 30 October 2020. Since then we’ve had over 18,000 Visitors make over 70,000 Visits! Thank You for Your…

Lohmann Hen at Briden Farm

Chicken TV at Briden Farm 10 May 2021

Chicken TV at Briden TV has become quite the thing! Friends, Family, and even Strangers who have become friends, all tell us how much they enjoy these fun little videos.…

Robby, Nanna and Nickie

Robbie & Nikie Playing At Briden Farm

Back on March 9, 2021, our Nigerian Dwarf Goat, Nanna, had two Nigerian Dwarf Kids, little male Buklings, who we later named Nicky and Robbie.  The nice thing is, lately…

Archie and Carl

Nigerian Dwarf Goats: Bucks For Sale

While we hate to let them go, we need repairs to our Tractor and at this point the Tractor is necessary for getting our gardens and firewood looked after. So,…

Hauling And Cutting Firewood

Cutting And Hauling Wood

Never. Dull moment at Briden Farm, and in this video You’ll see me bringing out an 8 foot log with my 1979 International Lo Boy Tractor.  What it doesn’t show…

Making Cheese At Briden Farm

Making Cheese at Briden Farm

We’ve been making cheese!  Perhap, someday, we’ll hold Cheese making classes! If you’re interested in that please let us know in the Comments below, or call us at 902-907-0770