Newley Hatched Chicks

The Moment Of Hatch

Watch as we Experience this little Chick being born here in our Incubator at Briden Farm in Bear River, Nova Scotia. 

Incubating Chicken Eggs

Incubating Chicken Eggs

We’re on Day 19, or is it 18? Some say you count the first day, others say no, some say if you put your eggs in the incubator in the…

1979 154 International Lo-Boy Tractor

Sexy New Ride at Briden Farm

So, lots of people dream of Mansions, Fur Coats, Diamond Rings, and Sports Cars! I dream of an old Homestead on a River, with Franklin Brook running through it, and.…

Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs

Peeling Farm Fresh Free Ranged Eggs

If you’ve tried to peel a truly fresh, Farm Fresh Free Range, Egg it’s possible that You have uttered a few choice words! If not… Congratulations!  Peeling Farm Fresh Free…

Briden Farm Mug

Get Your Briden Farm Mugs

Usually, these Mugs cost us near $20 each! Now We’ve managed to get a limited number at a lower price! Please use the Form Below or Call Now… 902-907-0770 Briden…