Vesey Seeds

Vesey’s Seeds Arrived Today, Come Help Us Plant Tomorrow!

So, it’s May, and We try to plant by the Moon! It’s not always possible, but we try! Planting by the Moon is something my Dad, Victor Hurlburt Sr., taught me. Recently I come across an excellent write up on this, and if it’s something You’re interested in, I encourage You to read Planting By The Moon by Wheelbarrow Nurseries.  In simple terms, when planting by the Moon, you plant above ground crops between the time of the New Moon, and when the Moon is Full, and underground crops, on the dark of the Moon, or after the Full Moon. The next Full Moon is in three days, and day after tomorrow it’s going to rain! For two days! Actually less than an inch over the 24-36 hour period. So, I want to get our above ground crops planted tomorrow before the Full Moon and ahead of the rain. Thus,…

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Band Office Fire as seen from Briden Farm

Kind of Puts Things into Perspective

Yesterday was sort of a crappy day! I worked, making several trips up and down the hillside here at Briden Farm. Setting up more temporary electrical fencing for our goats,…