Eggs in a Pickle

Making Pickled Eggs at Briden Farm

Have You ever had Pickled Eggs? I quite like them, and I’m wondering if You like them too? Our free range Hens are really starting to provide some wonderful Farm…

Record Snow Fall At Briden Farm

Record Snow Fall At Briden Farm

As You can see from the photo, we got nearly a foot, or possibly more, of snow overnight! Since this is the first Winter for Briden Farm, and this is…

Rappie Pie and Chicken Soup

Rappie Pie And Chicken Soup

Two things that make a Winter Day a little warmer, and a Winter Storm more bearable, are Rappie Pie and Chicken Soup! Today we made both! We were recently given…

For the Love of a Chicken

For The Love of A Chicken

Straight Up… that Title should be For The Love of a Rooster! Our story starts in East Kemptville, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia and dates from 1982. I was in Grade…

Just an Inch of Snow

Up to an Inch of Snow They Said

Actually they said 2-4 cm, and up to 10 Celsius, I think! However, this is what it looked like here at Briden Farm at 8am this morning when it was…

A New Cat House at Briden Farm

A New Cat House at Briden Farm

Our girls just love that cozy feeling they get when they curl up here turning this wood box into A New Cat House at Briden Farm! 

We Have Great Big Beautiful Eggs

We Have Eggs

Our girls are definitely keeping us in Eggs! Great bid beautiful great tasting eggs! Lot’s of them!