Making Hay 5 June 2024

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Making Hay by hand isn’t something that’s done here, locally, much anymore but it is rewarding. Although it is a lot of work! What I’ve done this week, in a few hours, say 4 Hours give or take, is to make an equivalent of about 4 or 5 Bales of Hay. I’m guessing that’s about what it is. I could buy 4 o 5 bales of hay for about $20-$25. So, if I were to pay myself, I’d probably be making a whopping $5, or so, an Hour! However, there is something to be said for the quality…

Look at the neighbour’s field just beyond where I’m making hay. See the Lupines, and other toxic and invasive plants? That is what this field, that I’m cutting hay in, looked like about a year and a half ago! Imagine! 

I’d love to take credit for changing this field into the beautiful field it is today, with an incredible mix of grass, grains, and legumes, but honestly, it wasn’t me! It was our animals!

Goats, Pigs, Rabbits, and Chickens being rotated through there last year, led to this incredible transformation! Not only does it allow us to keep more, and more diverse, animals on the land, it also leads to more natural carbon and manure being changed into compost and fertilizer spurring even more growth. I turn, not only getting rid of the toxic and invasive plants, but giving the grasses and forage we want to take over and grow even better! 

The whole system is incredible, so, making hay takes on a whole new meaning! From feeding the soil with natural carbon and manure, to feeding our animals, to growing hay, to help provide Winter Feed for the Animals, some of whom in turn feed us! Either through quality, healthy, pasture raised meats, or milk, or eggs, etc., etc. 

Now, add to that the health benefits of staying in shape! Add to that this is all being done naturally, without chemicals, and You just can’t get any more organic than that! I love it! 

Now, let me tell You the best part! The Smell! There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly cut, dried natural, organic, hay! Unless of course it’s the food it helps produce! Imagine! 

No, don’t just imagine, Book Your Tour of Briden Farm and come learn how, and why, we do what we do! Experience it for Yourself! 

Have questions? Call Brian at Briden Farm, phone 902-907-0770 

All this quality food, meat, eggs, milk, etc., has inspired Brian to enter Carla Hall’s “Favourite Chef” competition that is open to all, including Home Cooks. The competition is in support of the James Beard Foundation, and is actually based on the promotion and number of Votes the Entrant, the “Chef”, receives during the Competition! Thus, Brian is asking You for Your Vote! Everyone gets a Free Daily Vote and You can cast Your Vote at:

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