Thanksgiving Dinner 2021

Thanksgiving at Briden Farm

Although, as expected, it’s going to take a few years before our Gardens are producing the way we’d like them, we do have lots to be thankful for this year.…

Preserving Apples

Apple Time at Briden Farm

Last year, when we first moved here, the deer had pretty much totally cleaned the apple trees! So, we weren’t sure if we had any decent apples or not. This…

The Belles of Briden Farm

The Belles of Briden Farm

It’s that time of year when all good Goat Herders put bells on their Goats! Don’t get me wrong, I am all in favour of hunting, wild game, and wouldn’t…


Stella is our new Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Stella, our new Nigerian Dwarf Goat, was born in May 2021 and come to Briden Farm in August. It’s our hope that Stella, who we call Ella, will be bred…

Mini Pizza with Fresh Tomato and Herbs

A Nice Quick Little Pizza!

Imagine a quick, little, pizza treat made with Fresh Tomato and Herbs! Checkout my Post over at for this quick Recipe! 

Farm Grown Breakfast

An Incredible Farm Grown Breakfast

There’s nothing quite like having a breakfast, or other meal, that is grown or raised on the Farm! Not everything we eat here is grown or raised here, but we’re…

First Home Grown Meal

Our First Meal Grown On Briden Farm

Tonight was special, we’ve owned this place for one year and two weeks, to the day. So, this spring we used goats and pigs to clear land for pasture and…

2020 Photos Briden Farm

Celebrating One Year As Briden Farm

This beautiful property has a History that dates back to the time of Simon Imbert, and the house dates back to 1870 when it was built by James & Susan…