Ethically Raised Meat

Ethically Raised, Woodland Pastured, Grass Fed, Pork, Chicken, Nearly Wild Rabbit, and Muscovy Duck and Steak! Raised and treated as Pets till that one bad moment! Then it’s off to the Table, or Freezer Camp!

Our Animals enjoy as natural as possible lives, with the regular movement of their rotational pastures, fresh vegetation on a regular basis. Fresh Water, Country living, and lot’s of attention! Yet allowed to do hat they do best!

They do what they do best while enjoying their rotational pastures and helping us with our Regenerative Farm Practices, and Good Stewardship and Land Management Practices. They get to Browse, Graze, and Prune each day as they enjoy their lives. They can often be seen wagging their tails, laying on a sunny hillside, chewing their cuds, setting on a clutch of eggs, and otherwise enjoying the best life possible for as long as possible.

It’s a fact that if they were simply left to reproduce, they;d soon over produce, and fall in to poor health. In order to help keep things in balance, so everyone benefits, we process the surplus and that provides beautiful meat. Ethically raised, woodland pastured, grass fed, meat that has the taste I remember from my childhood.

A Taste I thought was long gone! I just can’t find that taste on Store Shelves! So, I want You to know just how good it is! We’re even going to offer to let You “Try It Before You Buy It“! (Click Here To Learn More)