Imagine a Nova Scotian on the Cover of the Taste of Home Magazine!

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It could happen! We are Officially in the Top 15 and currently #4 in our Group! What Group You Ask?

Glad You asked, Carla Hall’s FavChef2024 is a competition open to everyone from beginners to professionals and a few weeks ago I entered on a whim and was chosen as a Contestant! 

The Competition is really a Fundraiser for the James Beard Foundation and is based on Votes cast by the Public, that’s You, for their Favourite Chef! 

Ok, let’s face it, You and I both know I’m not Your Favourite Chef! Right? Well, so does Carla Hall, the good folks at the James Beard Foundation, and the organizers at for DTCare (83‑3344803), a nationally registered public charity which will grant donations to the James Beard Foundation (13‑2752108). For more information see our disclosures.

The Bottomline is it’s a great promotion and opportunity for Carla Hall and the James Beard Foundation, and lesser known Home Cooks and Chefs to get known! To get the word out there! Right?

Of course, so here’s the thing… the whole thing, the Winner, will be selected by You, and people like You, who cast Free Daily Votes for their “Favourite Chef”. Even if it’s just their “Favourite” in the Competition! So Please Click Here to Vote for Me Now!

So, You may be wondering, “What’s the Prize!?” 

Again, glad You asked! 

Winner will be featured on the cover of Taste of Home magazine, cook with Carla Hall, and take home $25,000! I think it’d be great to have a Homesteading Farmer from Nova Scotia on the cover of the Rolling Stones! If that’s not possible, then maybe, with Your Help! We can get on the Cover of the Taste of Home Magazine

Please Help by using Your Free Daily Vote, Sharing the Link, and asking others to Vote too! Here’s the Link: 



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