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My Hobby of the past 30+ Years is Family History and Genealogy. Growing Your Family Tree is one of Two Books I have Written on the topic, and after Three Decades of Research and learning You’d think I’d have learned it all! Right? Not so! 

There is always something new to learn! Especially, now, in the area of DNA Research and Results. One of the things is that various Sites, like Ancestry, MyHeritage, and Genomelink, look at the DNA Results a little differently. It’s the same DNA , but for example I’ve always known, intrinsically, that I was at least part Aboriginal. While it didn’t show up in Ancestry, because of the way they look at it, it did show up on MyHeritage! It shows up as MesoAmerican, and I discovered that just after returning from a beautiful vacation to Costa Rica in 2018. I had a real heartfelt connection to that place! Then I discovered that not only do I have a percentage of MesoAmerican DNA, but Costa Rica is in the centre of the place that those Ancestors lived! Imagine! 

Now, today, after coming in from doing chores, and moving the Goats to new pasture, I’ll move the Sheep to their new pasture tomorrow, I opened my email and had a message from Genomelink. They look back, claiming at least, to go further back, looking at ancient ancestors. They show that I have a percentage of Kazakhs Nomad DNA. Now, if You’re like me, You probably just said, “What the Heck is that!?” Right?

So, wanting to know who the Kazakhs Nomads were, and how that might affect me today, I did a Google Search. I mean really, if it’s that “Ancient”, what if any affect can it have on me today!? Right?

Well, here’s what I found…

Kazakhs’ nomadic way of life represents one of the oldest forms of subsistence known to humankind. Throughout the year, Kazakh nomads engage in livestock herding, including goats, sheep, yaks, camels, and horses. They continuously move with their animals, seeking better pastures and adapting to changing seasonal conditions. It is not uncommon for families to relocate up to four times annually, adjusting their dwellings accordingly.

So, as they say, the more things change, the more they remain the same! Certainly our Ancient DNA plays a part in our present, and probably our future! Moving Us from the Pastures of the Past to the Pastures of Future! 

Now for something different…

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