Layer Mash for Laying Hens

Layer Mash for Laying Hens is a type of feed specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of laying hens, particularly during the egg-laying phase of their production cycle. This feed is designed to provide the essential nutrients required for optimal egg production and the overall health of the hens.

Key components typically found in layer mash include:

  1. Protein: to support egg production and is essential for the development of eggs and body maintenance.
  2. Calcium: is a crucial mineral for laying hens, necessary for the formation of eggshells.
  3. Phosphorus: is an important mineral for bone health and eggshell formation.
  4. Vitamins: Including A, D, and E, play vital roles in overall health, reproduction, and immune function
  5. Trace Minerals: like selenium, zinc, and copper are included to support physiological functions in the hens.
  6. Carbohydrates: are a source of energy for the hens, supporting their daily activities and egg production.

It’s important for layer mash to be well-balanced and formulated according to the specific requirements of laying hens at different stages of their production cycle. Access to clean water is crucial for proper digestion and health.

Farmers and poultry keepers should follow the recommended feeding guidelines provided by reputable feed manufacturers or seek guidance from poultry nutritionists to ensure that their laying hens receive the appropriate nutrition for optimal performance and well-being.

Many people only feed Layer Mash for Laying Hens, but here at Briden Farm
we mix it with 1/4 Human Grade Hemp Seed Feed and 1/4 Four Grain Scratch Feed.


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