Nigerian Dwarf Goats: Does and Bucks

The difference between male and female goats, Bucks and Does, is like night and day! I just realized, in the writing, that is so true! Night and Day!

Bucks are, at times, rather dark! When in Rut, they bleat, and blat, and smell. I jokingly say they’re like Teenage Boys! When not in rut they still like to rub their heads and horns on trees, and bushes, and tear at the bark, and eat not only the leaves and trigs, but 5he bark and about anything else they can get at! The noise they make may grate on your neighbour’s nerves almost as much as their horns grate on your favourite shrubs! So, to help keep them safe, and You sane, and Your Neighbours at bay, it is necessary to have good fences, and pastures, and houses! Houses, because you want your Bucks housed away from your Does! Did you know the testosterone from a Buck can taint the milk of your Doe if He is in the same barn, or housed to close to your Doe! Dark! Right? 

That said, taking all that into account, you might wonder why anyone would keep Bucks! After all, male goats definitely seem dark as night! Right? 

Well, the truth is, like Teenage Boys, they’re a necessary evil! (Lol 😉 ) Bucks are necessary if you want to get milk from your does! So, in order to get milk from your does, you need to find a Buck to breed Your Doe! 

Here at Briden Farm we have Nigerian Dwarf Goats, both Bucks and Does, and the girls definitely think our Nigerian Dwarf Bucks are real Studs! Of course, if you don’t have your own Buck, 5hen you need to seek out a male goat, a buck, or sometimes called a Billy Goat, to provide Stud Service to Your Does. 

The good thing is, male goats, whether you call them Bucks or Billy Goats, are capable of breeding, and providing Stud Service for a number of Does! Bucks can provide stud service to about 10 Does a month in their first year, and even more each month after that! 

So, if you have a Doe, a female deer, and your looking for a Buck to provide stud service for your girl, give us a call. 902-907-0770.

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