Nanna our Nigerian Dwarf Goat Doe

Nanna come to Briden Farm on 22 August 2020. She is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat. A Doe, a Deer, a female Deer! We’ll, actually a domesticated cousin to a deer, that’s why they call them in Does! Does that make sense!? 

Nanna on the Milking Stand 

Nigerian Dwarf Goats give a beautiful milk, rich in butter fat, most coming in at 6-10%. Which makes it an incredible tasting milk, not “Goatie”.

Most people can’t tell it from cows milk, but the butterfat, or cream, is what makes it special. Most other goats have about 2-6% butterfat, and a good milking cow ranges in the 4-6% range. 

It’s the Cream, or butterfat, that makes Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk especially suited to making Butter, Buttermilk, Whey, Cheese, and Yogurt!