Raising Pigs for Pork

So, You’ve thought about raising your own Pig, for Pork! Right? 

However, due to lack of space, time, or experience you’ve not been able to do it yet! Right?


So, let us help You with that by raising your Pig for You

We practice Rotational Pasturing, and Regenerative Farming, and provide our animals the best possible care. It’s not unusual to see our Pigs’ tails spinning, the way a dog wags its tail, as they run and romp around their woodland pastures. 

We rotate the Pigs at least every couple of weeks to help keep them healthy and often more often than that. In the past two years we’ve managed to keep our pigs happy and healthy without providing them with chemical wormers and other meds. 

Those who have tried our Pork have been very pleased and we had many rave reviews! 

We raise Heritage Breeds, mainly  Berkshire or Berkshire crosses. These animals provide a real old fashioned taste that is reminiscent of our childhood. 

While we don’t feed doughnuts or copious amounts of bread, they eat mainly natural food from their pastures supplemented with Barley, Oats, Corn, and other natural feed, as well as some grower, all combined to help keep them healthy and we do our best to keep them affordable. 

Understanding costs, this Pork, I’m sure You’ll agree, is not the same as you’ll find on the store shelves. Heritage Pigs provide a far superior Pork, well marbled and full of flavour. 

Do a search for Berkshire Pork and You’ll see it selling for $7-$10 a pound or more. That’s the kind of Pork we’re talking about! So, a hundred pounds of that can range anywhere from $700-$1000 or more! 

Now factor in the time, and work, we put in to care for Your Pig. First of all, it takes about nine months to raise a Pig to about 250 lbs Live Weight. Which will yield about 180 lbs of Hung Weight. Hung Weight is the weight of the animal after it has been field dressed.

Some people make use of the Head, Feet, Organs, and other parts of the Pig while some people prefer only the Commercial Cuts you’d standardly find on the store shelf. Thus the Hung Weight it is not necessarily the amount of meat kept from your Pig. Thinking in terms of purely Commercial Cuts …

When Live Weight is about 250 lbs, Hung Weight will be about 180 lbs, and will yield about 120 lbs of Commercial Cuts. More than 120 lbs is edible if you choose to make use of the head, feet, organs, etc. 

In the past, when we’ve sold Sides of Pork, we’ve charged $4 a pound based on Hung Weight. Plus $0.50 a pound for Cutting. Plus $0.50 a pound for Wrapping. Or, $5 a pound for cut and wrapped, based on Hung Weight of 180 lbs that was $900.

So, based on 180 lbs Hung Weight at $5 / Lb 

That would be $900 for Cut and Wrapped. 

This year, we’re looking at Raising Pigs and based on similar costs, and doing our best to maintain an affordable end product for You, we’ve come up with the following plans…

Option 1: $150 Upfront plus $20 weekly for 30 wks

Option 2: $100 Upfront plus $25 weekly for 30 wks

Option 3: $30 weekly for 30 weeks

The fine print… 

Price does not include Cut and Wrap 
Nor does it include Curing or Smoking 

These will be additional charges. 

More Fine Print …

While Your Payment will last for 30 weeks

It may in some cases take longer to grow the Pig to required weight.
It typically takes about 9 months. 

Even More Fine Print…

Due to the Pigs needing to be properly fed and cared for at all times, it is necessary for us to require timely payments. Once agreed to, we’ll send you a recurring payment link for you to arrange payments. Should You miss three or more payments your money will be forfeited and no refund will be issued. 

The Good News is … 

You’ll have lots of quality, great tasting, ethically raised, woodland pastured, heritage Pork!

  • You are also welcome to come visit our Farming locations and see Your Pig and how it’s being cared for. While at our location you’ll also be able to spend time with our other birds and animals, even learning how to raise a Pig! We typically have Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks, and Goats! So, lots of farm fun for You and Your Family. Of course we ask that you just let us know ahead and book a time for your Farm visits. 

Have questions? 
Call Brian at 902-907-0770