The Buck Pen

This is where You’ll learn about our Bucks! Our male Goats, which some refer to as Billy Goats, but are more properly referred to as Bucks. On this page we’ll try to give you some photos, video, and short bios, of our Bucks, Archie and Carl, who are our study Nigerian Dwarf Goats. 

Archie, our Nigerian Dwarf Goat Buck
Archie, our Nigerian Dwarf Buck

Archie, A Nigerian Dwarf Buck was born in February 2020. He’s proving to be quite the romantic! He is gentle, and seems to know just how to finesse the Ladies! He provides very gentle Stud Service and has even been known to serenade! He’s already serviced three Nigerian Dwarf Does in his first year! 

Carl, our Nigerian Dwarf Goat Buck
Carl, our Nigerian Dwarf Goat Buck

Carl, Twin Brother to Archie, so also born in February 2020. Definitely likes the Ladies, but a little less couth than Archie. He’s all about business! Not much time for romance, but definitely a good match for the right Doe who just wants a good time and He’s the one to meet the Bill! Or, at least be the Billy! Just Not a Bully! 😉 

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