Laying Hens For Sale

Our Laying, the ones we have for sale, are sourced from Nova Scotia Free Range Egg Producers. They are usually about a Year old, and usually lay beautiful large brown eggs. We started our Homesteading Farm with very little and have found ways of doing things and finding affordable options. We do our best to help others do the same! So we charge just $10 per Hen. 

We have many repeat customers, who have become friends! As well as many others who have referred Their friends! Thankfully we’ve had very few complaints, and when we have we’ve been able to make things right!

So, because of this ongoing Customer support, we know these hens are doing a good job at making their new homes, and families, very happy! Of course, we also know that many of the families are really providing incredible homes for these Hens! As good as these hens are, they do come from intensive egg producing Farms. Not really Factory Farms, not the sort that keep birds in cages and under lights for 23 hours a day! More like Free Range operations where they do get well handled, and well cared for, but not on an individual basis. So, when we help place these Hens in new homes, homes that often treat them as pets, giving them comfortable coops, treats, and sometimes even toys! These hens must think they’re in Heaven! 

We don’t expect everyone to provide this kind of luxury for their hens, in fact we encourage everyone to keep it simple! To take steps to care of the Chickens Needs, not necessarily the needs of the Chickens’ Keepers! However, it makes us smile, and sort of warms the Cockles of our Hearts! (Pun Intended)

We also love to see some of these folks take our young Roosters, ones that were hatched here, by hens, and handled as pets by us we! Sure beats Freezer Camp! 

If You have questions, or are ready to buy, call Brian at ☎️ 902-907-0770 or, if you’re looking for down the road, join our mailing list and we’ll keep You updated on all our happenings. Click To Request Our Updates Here