Nervous Dad Day

Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

That’s how I describe it when one of our Girls is ready to give birth! This time it’s Lucy, and she is loaded!

She’s been showing signs, well some signs for quite awhile, but over the past 36 hours or so she’s been showing even more signs. So, the time draws near. She’s been displaying a little Goop! Talking to Her unborn kids. Laying down a lot; I doubt she has much choice! Just look at Her! The Hour Draws Near! Ready! Set! Go!

I expect we may have some Bottle Baby Bucklings
If interested please call Brian at 902-907-0770.

Now here’s an Ad! Yes, we do earn a little bit if You buy something!
Vevor Electric Netting Fence
Internet Rules say we have to tell You! Like You didn’t already know!

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