Ring Neck Pheasant for Christmas

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Making Merry this Christmas, 2023, means making a meal that has been grown by Briden Farm..

A beautiful meal, based on a great recipe I found at Project Upland, for Perfectly Roasted Pheasant
If You’ve been reading our Posts for a while You’ll recognize that this is the same Recipe we had at Thanksgiving.

When it comes to Pheasant, I’ve tried a lot of different Recipes,
and this one is definitely how I’ll be doing my Pheasants from now on!

You’ll see the Pheasant sits in the oven on a Cast Iron Frying Pan on Carrots.
Or in our case German Fingerling Potatoes. I love them! Especially good for Home Fries.

I also love Kennebec Potatoes, and thankfully we had both growing in our Briden Farm Gardens.

We’ll be adding Green Beans and Corn on the Cob, also grown by Briden Farm and put in the freezer a few months ago to help preserve freshness. We love being able to prepare a meal, especially on a special Occasion, and especially when it’s the food we’ve raised ourselves.

Of course, I did tweak it a bit, with Watkins Pepper, Sea Salt, a dash of Lemon Pepper, and Cajun Spice.
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