1979 154 International Lo-Boy Tractor

Sexy New Ride at Briden Farm

So, lots of people dream of Mansions, Fur Coats, Diamond Rings, and Sports Cars! I dream of an old Homestead on a River, with Franklin Brook running through it, and.…

Briden Farm Mug

Get Your Briden Farm Mugs

Usually, these Mugs cost us near $20 each! Now We’ve managed to get a limited number at a lower price! Please use the Form Below or Call Now… 902-907-0770 Briden…

Record Snow Fall At Briden Farm

Record Snow Fall At Briden Farm

As You can see from the photo, we got nearly a foot, or possibly more, of snow overnight! Since this is the first Winter for Briden Farm, and this is…

Golf Ball Egg

Our Chickens Want to Play Farmers Golf

This is our second, Golf Ball like, round egg in the past 6 Weeks! We have a number of young hens, beginning to lay for their first time, and were…

The Kettle is Rocking at Briden Farm

The Kettle is Rocking at Briden Farm

You’ve heard the saying, “The wood stove was so hot the kettle was rocking”. Yet, you’ve probably not actually seen it happen! Right? Till Now!

Dinosaurs at Briden Farm

Come Visit the Dinosaurs at Briden Farm

Today it has become generally accepted by scientists that birds are not descended from dinosaurs, but, in fact, are dinosaurs. So, if You like Dinosaurs, we invite You to come to Bear River to see our Dinosaurs at Briden Farm