Bear River Flooding

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Today, We’ve seen Snow, Rain, Sleet, and Hail, and a little sunshine. Temperatures are on the rise, currently 2°C or about 36°F and expected to reach 7°C or about 45°F this evening! While we love the warmer temperatures, and even being able to save on wood and so on, it means lots of melting snow and at hightide Bear River was flooding it’s banks!

Thankfully, we sit about 80 feet above the West Branch of the River, and so it’s not likely it will ever reach here. Although we sometimes wonder what would happen if .. !? Well, anyway, I think we’re pretty safe!

Although it’s blowing up a storm out there, and while we’re well protected by the hill we live on, especially from the Winds that blow from the North and West. lately the Winds have been coming from the East and South. So, praying that, with the water soaked ground and softened soils, we don’t end up under a Tree! Or have trees across the Quarter Mile Laneway that leads up to Briden Farm.

At the end of the day, we’re just happy to be warm, sheltered, with a roof over our heads. Wanna come play on my Island!?


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