Record Snow Fall At Briden Farm

Record Snow Fall At Briden Farm

As You can see from the photo, we got nearly a foot, or possibly more, of snow overnight! Since this is the first Winter for Briden Farm, and this is…

The First Sunrise of The New Year 2021

The First Sunrise of The First Day of 2021

Choose Fun, not Fear! When things get tough, and the fear becomes to much, come visit us at Briden Farm and choose to have fun, enjoying time with the animals, walking the woodlands, and enjoying your time here at Briden Farm, where the Tea is always on, and the Coffee is not far behind!

Snow on the Mountain at Briden Farm

Snow on The Mountain at Briden Farm

Sounds funny to say snow can add charm and warmth, but when it clings to the branches, fences, and other areas like frosting on a cake, it…