Fabulous February Feeling Of Freedom

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After nearly six weeks of being snowed in, 38 Days actually, our Laneway at Briden Farm is now open! 

You might say we have the… 

Fabulous February Feeling Of Freedom

How’s that for a mouthful!? The good news is that We were able to bring the truck up, and we’ve learned a valuable lesson! From now on we’re leaving it parked where we can get out if we get hit with another unexpected snow storm. 

Oh, we know, there will be more Snow! More Winter Storms! We may even get snowed in again! That sounds likely, but, it still makes this warm, it was in the 50s here today! I much prefer using Fahrenheit in such cases. Saying it’s 12 or 13 Degrees just doesn’t cut it when it’s near 55 F. Not to mention there are only about 30 Days left before Spring! 

So, for now, we’ll revel in our little victories, like being able to bring the truck up and park it near the house. 🏡 

The photo above was taken today, 18 February 2022. If You’d like to see what the Laneway looked like, six weeks ago, click here to watch our Video on TV.BridenFarm.com

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