A Balmy Rainy February Night

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It’s a beautiful night, as I walk to the door, and open it as the refreshing rain hits my body it’s invigorating! The experience fills my whole being with thankfulness! Why?

It’s February and it’s over 10 Degrees Celsius outside at 4:30am. It’s over 18 inside and the Wood Stove has been out for hours and the furnace is turned down low.

The mountain of snow in melting quickly and our mountain home is showing signs of Spring!

I know there will be more snow, after this, we still have a month or so of Winter weather to come, but this is a promise of things to come and for me it’s exhilarating.

See, while I try to put on a happy face and put forth a positive attitude it’s really hard this time of year! Although this time of year is one of my favourite times of year! That’s because there’s now noticeable daylight after 6pm. Now, when these Plus Temperatures and melting snow just seem like the icing on top of the cake! 🍰   

So, as I sit here, relaxing, and sipping my coffee, I feel the SAD effects, those of Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder slip away! It’s a disorder that affects many, yet sounds so lame! Although when I first heard of it, it made total sense! I’ve always suffered with depression, especially this time of Year! So, when the days start getting longer, the temps start getting higher, and the snow starts disappearing, my whole being rejoices! Maybe it’s my Mesoamerican DNA, 

Anyway, for now, I’m going to leave my fears behind, and embrace, the fun, warmer temperatures, and rain here at Briden Farm! 😉 

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