A New Goat at Briden Farm!

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That’s right! A New Goat at Briden Farm! Now, She’s definitely not a new Goat, but she is new at Briden Farm! Her name is Eve, and that’s because she’s as old as Adam! Yes… that Adam! 

Eve is an 11 Year Old Lady! She’s a Saanen Goat, described by the Canadian Goat Society as, “a Swiss breed that is well respected for its dairy qualities”. In Eve’s case she was part of a Dairy Herd, a commercial Herd I think, up till about two years ago. She then went to a Farm at the Edge of Paradise! However, as of recent, I think she was spending a lot of time tied in the Barn. 

Now Eve has come to Briden Farm, our little piece of Heaven! We hope to give Eve a great place to finish Hr days! Most Saanen Goats only live to be about 11-12 years and Eve is 11 now! She is so gentle, and loving, and doing her best to fit in with our Nigerian Dwarf Goats and become part of their Herd. Which is proving just a little harder than becoming part of our hearts! She’s really an incredible girl. Eleven Years Old, last Bred two years ago, and still giving about a litre of Milk a day! 

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