Two Goats Milking At Briden Farm

We Now Have Two Goats Milking

Not quite sure what we’re going to do with the extra milk, but now that Nanna’s kids, Robbie and Nickie, have moved to their new home, we get to milk…

Making Cheese At Briden Farm

Making Cheese at Briden Farm

We’ve been making cheese!  Perhap, someday, we’ll hold Cheese making classes! If you’re interested in that please let us know in the Comments below, or call us at 902-907-0770

Does and Kids at Play

Does and Kids at Play

Why is it that as soon as you grab the camera the best shots stop!? Actually this short little video is of our three Does, Eve, Buttercup, Nanna, and Nanna’s…

New Goats at Briden Farm

New Goats at Briden Farm

We have New Goats at Briden Farm! We are also missing two! Momma and Snow White! Now they’re not really missing, but they’ve moved on to greener pastures! Well, not…

Eve: Our Saanen Goat

A New Goat at Briden Farm!

That’s right! A New Goat at Briden Farm! Now, She’s definitely not a new Goat, but she is new at Briden Farm! Her name is Eve, and that’s because she’s…