We’re Finally Producing Milk At Briden Farm

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When we first got our Nigerian Dwarf Goats, last August we got two Does and one had a 6 week old Kid. Nanna, Momma, and Snow White. Nanna was supposed to be bred and due the end of September 2020. She kept us guessing but she was not bred, therefore produced no milk. Momma was producing Milk, but only for her Kid, Snow White, and no matter what we tried we just couldn’t milk Her! 

So, unfortunately we’ve been feeding three goats for nearly seven months with little to show for it, other than the friendship of three goats! 

Now, Nanna is bred and due to freshen within the next two to three weeks and Momma is also due to have her kids a little later in the Spring. While a Goat usually has Milk when she has kids, that milk often gets used by her kids for at least the first month or two. So, that means still no milk for us from them till, probably June! Unless of course we get yet another Goat! Not really planning that! 

Yet, when I first saw our new Goat! That’s right, we now have A New Goat at Briden Farm! So, when I first saw our new Goat, Eve, it was love at first sight! Not only is she a beautiful girl, even though she hasn’t been bred in over two years, she’s still producing over a litre of quality milk everyday! So, now, We’re Finally Producing Milk At Briden Farm!

Which means we’ll now be able to have farm fresh milk, cheese, and butter, here at Briden Farm where the Tea is Always On and The Coffee is not far behind! We invite You to come visit, leave your fears behind and come have fun at the Farm! Come spend time with our animals and relax walking our woodland trails. For more info phone 902-907-0770. 

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