Spending time with our girls and kids

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I love finding time to spend with our girls and kids. At this point we just have the two Kids. Although we are still expecting more! 

This video shows their Woodland Pasture, we practice Silvopasture techniques here at Briden Farm. Creating Woodland Pastures, or pasturing animals under trees. 

On the 6th of July, our Nigerian Dwarf Goat Doe, Nanna, freshened and gave birth to Terry and Romeo. A little Doeling and a little Buckling. You’ll see how they’re progressing in this video. They’re doing great, been eating grain, hay, grass, shrubs, bark, and so on, since they were just weeks old. Nanna still nurses them, but has them pretty nearly weaned. 

Our other three Girls, Saanen Goats, spent six weeks with a small young Saanen Buck for six weeks in February and March.

The gestation period for Goats, the period from the time a doe is bred till she freshens (gives birth) is about 145-155 days. The little Buck we had breed our Saanen Does was here till March 27th. So, any kids being born, should happen by August 29th. Although most Goats average 150 days, so we hope to have all three Does giving birth within the next two weeks. Although I still find it difficult to tell exactly when… kind of like the Second Coming! We may know the signs and the season, but only the good Lord himself knows the hour! 😉 

Now would be a great time to book a Farm Tour to see our babies, goats, bunnies, chicks, and more! 

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