Hauling Cages For Fencing

Expanding Our Woodland Pastures

Today we’re working to move nine loads of 9 old mink cages toward the back of our Pasture area. These cages will be used to make fencing for our Nigerian…

Robby, Nanna and Nickie

Robbie & Nikie Playing At Briden Farm

Back on March 9, 2021, our Nigerian Dwarf Goat, Nanna, had two Nigerian Dwarf Kids, little male Buklings, who we later named Nicky and Robbie.  The nice thing is, lately…

New Goats at Briden Farm

New Goats at Briden Farm

We have New Goats at Briden Farm! We are also missing two! Momma and Snow White! Now they’re not really missing, but they’ve moved on to greener pastures! Well, not…

10 Crazy Busy Weeks

A Crazy, Busy, Spring at Briden Farm!

Now, I know that our closest friends and supporters know that we’re always crazy! Lately though, especially over the past seven weeks, it’s been crazy busy! 

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Bucklings

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Bucklings

On the 29th of March, 2021, Nanna gave birth to two healthy baby boys! Two little Bucklings. These boys are looking for forever homes and will be ready to go…

Nanna Delivers Twins

Nanna Delivers Twin Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids

After five months of waiting and watching, hoping and praying, Nanna delivers twin Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids. Thankfully the Kids are big, beautiful, and healthy, and both instinctively stood and…

Nanna on the Milking Stand

Nanna Will Soon Have Her Kids

The time is coming closer, and Nanna will soon have Her Kids! Today, 28 March 2021 was her due date, sort of! See, a Nigerian Dwarf Goat, Doe, can have…

Nanna is Due

Nanna is Due

Nanna, our Nigerian Dwarf Goat, Doe, is due as soon as Sunday 28 March 2021. Of course I’d kind of like her to freshen and have her Kids today on…

Nanna, Snow White, and Momma, Enjoying Their New Pasture

Nanna, Snow White, and Momma, Enjoying Their New Pasture

Nanna, Snow White, and Momma, Enjoying Their New Pasture. It may be difficult to tell, but both Nanna, and Momma, are both due to freshen. Which means with a little luck, and lots of prayer, they’ll both be having healthy Kids