When it comes to Milking Goats

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When it comes to Milking Goats, I really enjoy it! At least I do when the Doe is a willing participant! Our old Saanen Doe, Eve really enjoys being milked. Whereas Nanna, our Nigerian Dwarf Goat, has never been quite sure! We’ve had some over the years that just didn’t want to be touched!

I prefer milking by hand, while I know some others prefer machine. I am sort of thankful that I’ve never had over one or two goats to milk at the same time! I think if I had too many I might be tempted to turn to using a milking machine! Not sure though! 

Although I may find out, we currently have 4 Does, and they just had the visit of a Young Buck for a month and a half! So, come July, we potentially could have four freshen, that would mean probably having four goats to milk! It could also mean our having anywhere from 4 to 14 kids! Not likely to have over 5-8 kids though. 

I know I look forward to being back in milk though, we enjoy making cheese, yogurt, buttermilk and whey! The extra will go to our Berkshire Pigs, Larry, Curly, and Moe!

Curious, do you prefer milking by hand?
What’s Your experience with Milking Machines?  

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