A Broody Hen at Briden Farm

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One of the nice things about Spring is that it’s the time of birth, and rebirth. It gives us hope! Hope for those who are born, hope for the future, and hope for rebirth after that! 

Perhaps that’s why when we see the first Spring Robin, or a Butterfly, or a Broody Hen sitting on a clutch of Eggs on Her Nest. During the 3 Weeks the Hen sits on her nest, she undergoes a real transformation! Then, when her eggs hatch, and She emerges from her place of refuge and brings new life with Her! It might not be a complete Resurrection, but anyone who has witnessed the miracle of birth, or rebirth, knows it really is a miracle! 

Our “Old Grey Hen”, pictured above is doing just that! We soon hope to bring You photos of Her little ball of joy as the Chicks emerge and find their place in their brand new World! Here at Briden Farm! 

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