For the Love of a Chicken

For The Love of A Chicken

Straight Up… that Title should be For The Love of a Rooster! Our story starts in East Kemptville, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia and dates from 1982. I was in Grade…

Golf Ball Egg

Our Chickens Want to Play Farmers Golf

This is our second, Golf Ball like, round egg in the past 6 Weeks! We have a number of young hens, beginning to lay for their first time, and were…

A Winter Walk for The Flock

A Winter Walk for The Flock

The warmer weather inspired A Winter Walk for The Flock here at Briden Farm in Bear River, Nova Scotia. 

Briden Farm Sign

Launching Briden Farm Website On Mischief Night!

Definitely didn’t realize it, and it is completely by accident, that we launched our Briden Farm Website on Mischief Night! Also known as described by the Smithsonian as Devil’s Night,…