For The Love of A Chicken

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Straight Up… that Title should be For The Love of a Rooster!

Our story starts in East Kemptville, Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia and dates from 1982. I was in Grade 11 when My Dad, Victor Hurlburt Sr., decided to incubate some Chicks. Unfortunately on day 13 of the 21 Days of incubation the power went out! Then, on Day 21 the Power Company turned the village power off to do some work! Unfortunately this played havoc with the hatch rates, and only two Chicks, two young Roosters, also known as Cockerels, hatched out! 

Another unfortunate turn of events happened when the two cockerels were just a month or so old, and one of our cows laid on one of the young birds. This left just one, both had sort of imprinted on me, and now alone, the one I called “Chicken George” really attached Himself to me, and I to him! He would jump on my foot, and I’d lift him to my shoulder, and he’d ride around there. He even went as far as to come meet me at the school bus when I’d get home from school! Did I mention I was in Grade 11, and also quite backward, and embarrassed to be greeted each day by a Rooster who thought I was his Mom! Yet, I loved him and kind of secretly thought it was the greatest thing in the world! 

Now, wind the clock, or perhaps move the calendar, ahead to Sept 2020. Over 30 years later, and of course many birds in between, but a new little Chick come into my life! Our lives I should say, and he came with 10 others! Yet, he stood out, especially one day when at just 2-1/2 weeks old (that’s when we got them), he hopped up on my arm when I went to feed and water them! He stood there and looked me in the eye! Then, Denis called him Jack, and I agreed, although I knew in an instant that he reminded me, immediately, of Chicken George The Rooster! 

When Jack jumped up and sat on my arm and looked me in the eye, I knew, and I think he knew too, that He had found his forever home! 

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