Hatching Chicks Is A Better Predictor Of Spring Than Groundhogs

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Today is Groundhog Day, and Shubenacadie Sam and Wiarton Willie predict Canada will have an early Spring while Punxsutawney Phil predicts 6 more weeks of Winter!  

Now, we mean no disrespect to Sam, Willie, or Phil, or any other Groundhog, but here at Briden Farm were taking another approach to determining the beginning of Spring! 

We’re hatching Eggs! We have a mixed flock of Chickens, made up mostly of Lohmanns, Easter Eggers, Sassos (that we call our Brahmas), and Buff Orpingtons. So, today, on Ground Hog Day, we put Hatching Eggs in an incubator and in three Weeks we’ll hopefully have new Baby Chicks!

Now, everyone knows that there’s no better sign of Spring than Baby Chicks! Right? Of course right! So, now we have something to tend, turning the eggs, keeping the hatching temperature and humidity at the right levels, and eagerly waiting as the anticipation builds! Then, when they hatch, about February 23, 2021, we will know that there is no more than three weeks till Spring!

So, while everyone else is waiting to see if Spring comes early, or waiting for six weeks to pass, we’re waiting for Three Weeks! Three Weeks to get Baby Chicks! Then once those Chicks Hatch, there’s no more than three weeks left till Spring! Now that’s why we think Hatching Chicks Is A Better Predictor Of Spring Than Groundhogs! 


PS: If You’re looking for Hatching Eggs, or Baby Chicks, please contact us at 902-907-0770 

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