Up to an Inch of Snow They Said

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Actually they said 2-4 cm, and up to 10 Celsius, I think!

However, this is what it looked like here at Briden Farm at 8am this morning when it was still -4 C and we had at least 4-6 inches of snow on the ground!

We really can’t complain though, this has been an easy Winter, and this was the first time I’ve really had to do chores, like feeding and watering our Chickens and Nigerian Dwarf Goats, in Winter conditions.   

Not sure what it’s like over in Annapolis County, but here, on our side of Bear River in Digby County it’s blustering and yes, it’s starting to turn to rain! Which means it’s just going to be a mess!

Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats don’t mind it much, they just stay in and munch on their goodies and enjoy their hay and warm beds. Even the Bucks are quite content to laze around. The chickens are another story though, thy like to be outside, picking and scratching and sneaking off to lay their eggs in the banana boxes in the carport! Maybe they’ll actually lay their eggs in their nest boxes in the Coop today! 

in any case, it seems we’re in for a bit of warm weather this week, so They’ll all get to spend time outside later in the week, if not today.

Today, I think we’ll stay near the wood stove, here at Briden Farm where the Tea is Always On and the Coffee is not far behind! 😉 

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