Hens the Size of Pigs at Briden Farm

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Yes, we got 25 new Hens today! 

I just didn’t expect them to be as big as the three Pigs! 

Yes, we got both Hens and Pigs today, 

I see Eggs & Bacon in our future. 

I remember hearing a Sermon once about commitment, and how you know when someone is truly, totally, wholeheartedly committed. In terms of a Ham & Eggs Breakfast, the Hen makes a commitment, but the Pig is wholeheartedly committed! 

Not sure it was part of the Sermon, but that Pig really put his, um… (ok, I’ll be nice!) Butt on the Line! 

If you want to put Your Butt on thenLine come visit us at Briden Farm! 

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