We Have Great Big Beautiful Eggs

We Have Eggs

Our girls are definitely keeping us in Eggs! Great bid beautiful great tasting eggs! Lot’s of them! 

Golf Ball Egg

Our Chickens Want to Play Farmers Golf

This is our second, Golf Ball like, round egg in the past 6 Weeks! We have a number of young hens, beginning to lay for their first time, and were…

Our Chickens are Really Bananas

Our Chickens are Really Bananas

Our Chickens prefer to lay their eggs in Banana Boxes in our Car Port where we store our hay and wood, here at Briden Farm! That’s why we say, “Our Chickens are Really Bananas!” 

Dinosaurs at Briden Farm

Come Visit the Dinosaurs at Briden Farm

Today it has become generally accepted by scientists that birds are not descended from dinosaurs, but, in fact, are dinosaurs. So, if You like Dinosaurs, we invite You to come to Bear River to see our Dinosaurs at Briden Farm

Free Range Chicken Eggs

Would You Like to Buy Eggs from Briden Farm?

If You’d like to be able to buy eggs from Briden Farm. Eggs will be $4 a Dozen, maybe $5 for Extra Large. Please comment below, or call 902-907-0770 or message us on FaceBook.

Our Chicken Laid a Golf Ball

Farmers Golf Anyone!?

Near the Hen House, I literally stumbled on an old Golf Club! Then, within an hour, we saw the strangest thing … One of our Hens laid Golf Ball! Or, at least an egg, shaped like a Golf Ball!