Zoe & Gang Comes To Briden Farm

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We’ve been straight out this past week preparing, moving, and getting things all sorted out as Zoe & Gang Comes To Briden Farm! You might say the whole thing kind of got our Goat! Or perhaps I should say …  5 New Goats! 

Looking at the photo, and starting from the top left, it’s Zoe, the little Black Doe with the Floppy Ears. Next, standing back to is Emma, and side on, to Emma’s right, is Honey. Honey is the Herd Queen and rules the others! Standing in the foreground are Bunny, with the white markings, and her brother, a withered Pygmy Buck, named Turbo!
For more information on any of these goats, come visit us at Briden Farm, or call us at 902-907-0770.

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