Hilling Potatoes at Briden Farm

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Planting sun loving vegetables like Potatoes in a shaded garden, woodland, garden is probably not the best thing to do! The Plants are becoming very lanky, and until the recent rain, they had very small leaves. Now, after the rain, the leaves have filled out and the plants have climbed to a thigh high height. All of this has me doing my best to Hoe Potatoes at Briden Farm. Hoeing Potatoes means raking, or hoeing, up the dirt around the Potato Plants. It not only, somewhat, helps support the plants, it also helps give the tubers a place to grow, and helps to keep them covered. Keeping the soil hilled up around the Plants is crucial as it helps encourage growth and also keeps the tubers avoid direct exposure to the light. When potatoes are exposed to light they can turn green, and that can make them toxic! You can read more about that at Street Smart Kitchen

If You’d like to learn more about Hilling Potatoes come visit us at Briden Farm, where the Tea is Always On and The Coffee is not far behind! 

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