We Made Butter From Whey and Wish We had Way More!

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Recently we made Cheese from our Goat Milk, and a little Colostrum! Yes, even Colostrum makes great Cheese! When we make Cheese, we start with Milk, or Colostrum, usually Milk, and as we process it the Milk is separated in Curds and Whey! Yes, just like Little Miss Muffet we eat our Curds and Whey! 

Normally when you Make Butter, you use Cream and that is usually made from Cow’s Milk, because it is easier to separate the Cream from The Milk. When You milk a Cow the Cream rises to the top of the milk and you simply skim it off and use it. Goat Milk is naturally Homogenized, meaning the Milk and Cream are naturally combined. To separate Cream from Goat Milk you need to let it sit, and after a few days the cream will slowly rise to the top.

Till recently, when we had a happy accident, or happy discovery, depending on which way you look at it. See, after separating the Curds and Whey, after having used the Curds for making Cheese, we sat the Whey aside to use it as a base for a Chowder. For a few days, and maybe a little longer, we let the whey is in our cold-room. When we were ready to use it, we noticed something, sort of like a white, floating, disc was sitting on top of our Whey! Much to our surprise we had discovered that You can Make Butter from Whey!

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