Pete Returns Home

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I know many of You have been praying, and keeping an eye out, for the safe return of our Boy, Pete. The good news is, He’s Back! The longest He’s ever gone before is overnight. He usually only goes for a tour of the yard, and sticks pretty close to home. This time He was gone about four and  half days! I let him out at about 5am on Sunday Feb 11th, and He come back this evening, four and a half days later!

I know many of You have said maybe he was with a female, and that may be possible. However, I have my doubts! He’s been right beside “In Season” Females and totally ignored them! So, although we got him as a kitten, we suspect He’s been fixed. Although We’re not sure, so anything is possible!

The River, and Franklin Brook that cuts through the back of our Property, have both been flooded the past few days, and I suspected He may have went through the ice, been washed down the River, or stranded on a little island, or something. All definite possibilities.

However, when he returned home, He was unscathed. Though Tired.

So, I’m wondering if perhaps he may have been in someone’s Shed or something. Possibly shut in by accident?

Perhaps We’ll never know! All we know, and what’s important today is, Pete Returns Home! 🙂

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