Making Sourdough Pancakes

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As someone recently pointed out, We’re really rather Cultured here at Briden Farm! What with our rekindled passion for making Sourdough Starter, and using the Discard for everything from Crumpets to Sourdough Pancakes, as well as our recent stint of Cheese Making, I guess I have to agree! In fact, as I’m writing this I’m also sipping a Tea and eating a nice piece of Toast with some really nice Briden Farm made Goat Milk Butter!

So, I thought You might like to see these beautiful Sourdough Pancakes!

Sourdough Pancakes

Made from our Sourdough Starter who We’ve dubbed, John Dough! Of Course!

We always tweak our recipes using Watkins Flavours and Extracts, like the Maple for making a Syrup!

We borrowed, and adapted, the Recipe from King Arthur and wish They Shipped to Canada!


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