Artisan Chèvre Fromage made at Briden Farm

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With a couple of our Briden Farm Goats recently freshening and our regular milking goat still milking nearly two years after her last freshening we now have three of our six goats in milk. Freshening is when Goats give birth to their Kids. Having three goats giving milk at the same time produces a little extra, although some of it is definitely going to the kids, we’re able to use enough to not only give us fresh milk everyday, but also enough to allow us to have a little extra for making Cheese! 

I love the process of Cheese Making and when we can do it with our own fresh Milk, and then use Watkins Herbs and Spices to flavour it! Wow! I most always use Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Oregano, and either Minced or Fresh Garlic and often fresh onions. Adding the dry ingredients to the Milk as it heats, just after adding the White Vinegar and before the curds separate from the Whey! Yes, just like Little Miss MuffetLittle Miss Muffet, we eat ur Curds and our Whey! I even have the spider to prove it! 

Actually the Curd is what is used to make the Cheese, and the Whey is delicious and nutritious and we often use it as a base for making some type of Seafood Chowder! It really enhances the flavour, is full of protein and very good for,You and makes it taste great! Topped with Sea Salt and Black Pepper of course! 

Ok, I know, I probably didn’t need to include the photo of the Spider! However, other than that, this is a wonderful time to come visit! Of course You’ll have to walk up our snowed in Laneway, but once you get here you’ll find some really good Cheese, and maybe even a good cup of tea, or coffee! Or, something else! 

Anyway, thought you might like to se how we keep busy this time of year when we’re not doing chores! Cheese Making is just one of the fun things we get up to here in our Winter-Wonderland… 

Winter Walk of Rice Mullen Road at Briden Farm

It is a great little escape and wonderful place to play in the snow!

Please let us know You’re coming though! Just call Brian at 902-907-0770


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