The Scoop at the Chicken Coop

The Scoop on the Chicken Coop

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We’ve had three groups of Chickens here at Briden Farm, all at various ages and stages! All housed in three different houses, or smaller pens, and now we’re working to move them all in a larger Coop where they’ll all coincide. This video shows the morning after the night before, when Jack and the Gang, and Henny Penny (AKA: Mother Hen) and her two chicks, Chicky and Picky, spent their first night in the new coop which we’ve built from Pallets, Slabwood, and up cycled materials. Tonight we hope to add Buddy, our big Rooster, and four others we call the Biddies, to the Coop. So, that’s the Scoop on the Coop! 

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