Archie and Carl

Nigerian Dwarf Goats: Bucks For Sale

While we hate to let them go, we need repairs to our Tractor and at this point the Tractor is necessary for getting our gardens and firewood looked after. So,…

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Bucklings

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Bucklings

On the 29th of March, 2021, Nanna gave birth to two healthy baby boys! Two little Bucklings. These boys are looking for forever homes and will be ready to go…

Internet Dating for Goats

Two Young Studs at Briden Farm

If you have a female goat, also known as Nanny Goats, or Does, that need to be bred, Archie and Carl will rise to the occasion! For more information please call Briden Farm at 902-908-0770 

Archie the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Romancer

Archie the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Romancer

Which type of Stud is Your Doe looking for? The Saturday night pickup? Like Carl? Or the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Romancer like Archie? If Your Doe is interested in either of our boys, please call 902-907-0770. 

Our Chicken Laid a Golf Ball

Farmers Golf Anyone!?

Near the Hen House, I literally stumbled on an old Golf Club! Then, within an hour, we saw the strangest thing … One of our Hens laid Golf Ball! Or, at least an egg, shaped like a Golf Ball!