Nanna Will Soon Have Her Kids

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The time is coming closer, and Nanna will soon have Her Kids! Today, 28 March 2021 was her due date, sort of! See, a Nigerian Dwarf Goat, Doe, can have their Nigerian Dwarf Goat Kids anytime from 145-155 days after being bred. So, today was the 145th Day, and that means Nanna will soon have her Kids, within the next ten days. 

Today I separated Nanna from our other Goats, our current Saanen Milking Goat, Eve, is in one end of the area we keep Does. Momma, also pregnant, and Snow White, her 8 month old Doeling are in the middle section, and Nanna is actually in the milking parlour, now become birthing area. 

We like to get the girls used to being on the Milking Stand, even before we start milking them! That’s because by the time we do start milking them, they’re already used to being on the stand. Thus having Nanna in the area we usually use as our Milkimg Parlour it gets her used to being there, and we feed her grain in the trough and she stands on the milking stand. So, by the time we start milking her, she’s used to it. However, before that happens she’ll have her kids and being separated from, but close to, the others does she is in a safer place, and will be able to have the time to birth and bond with her kids. After that we’ll thoroughly clean the area and return the birthing area back to our milking parlour. 

The whole thing should work out quite well, with Nanna at one end, Momma and Snow White in the middle section, and Eve in the section near the outside door, it allows me to go milk Eve, tend to Momma and Snow White as needed, and still have a safe place for Nanna and soon her kids! For more information please phone 902-907-0770.

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