Homemade Pasta & Woodland Pasture Raised Pork

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I love it when a good meal comes together almost as much as I love our becoming more and more self sufficient here at Briden Farm. Imagine sitting down to a supper of Homemade Pasta & Woodland Pasture Raised Pork that you’ve made and raised! 

The photo above is exactly that! We milk our Goats for the milk, and then make butter! The left over part of making butter is Butter Milk and that’s what I use to cook our Berkshire woodland pastured, oven baked, pork chops!

The pasta, I made a week or so ago, and dried it for ready use and yesterday I cooked it in the Whey, which was left over from making cheese from our Goat Milk! Not only had I added oregano and basil, both from Watkins, to the egg, flour, and olive oil when I made the pasta, but also added a bit more to the whey when I cooked the pasta! So you just know that has to be good! 

As you can tell… I love to play with my food and using Watkins Products makes that so much fun! (Learn More)

Remember we invite you to come visit us at Briden Farm where we encourage you to leave your fears behind and embrace, the fun, at Briden Farm… where the Tea is Always On and The Coffee is not far behind! 😉 

Friends and Family are Always Welcome!

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