My Boy Rocky

My Boy Rocky At Briden Farm

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It’s been a few weeks since our new Dog, Rocky, come to Briden Farm. Many of You already know our girl, Holly. 

Holly Come To Briden Farm

Holly, a Golden Retriever/ Little River (Nova Scotia) Duck Toller who come to Briden Farm in April, 2021. She’s 8 years old, lived most of her life inside with Seniors. While she adjusted well to Farm Life, and gets along well with everyone here, she’d rather be inside than out. She’s exactly what I wanted, except for her desire to remain inside, and her choosing my Better Half to be her Pet, and not Me! We love each other, but she’s just not really “My Dog”. 

So, we needed, another Dog, one that will be happier to be outside, especially when I’m out working, and perhaps a pup we can train to help even more around the Farm. That said, just yesterday, Holly helped me herd a chicken from one area to another while Rocky bounced around and tried to figure things out! It’s quite a thing to see, when using mostly hand signals, a dog responds and works to help you in such a way. That said, after we were done, she was done for the day! “I did my job, now I’m going in the house”, seems to be her motto!

So, along come Rocky, our Golden Labrador Retriever who is about 8 months old, as compared to Holly at 8 years. It’s taken some time, but the two dogs are starting to spend more time together, with both starting to enjoy their time together. However, Tis Gris, our 17 year old cat, is not quite sure! Although she rules over the Dogs! 

Rocky, who is pictured at the top of this Post, is definitely my Dog, or perhaps I’m His! He stays on his mat when in the house, and comes to me to check in about every 20 minutes or so. He enjoys it outside, and enjoys spending time with me outside and stays with me, and checks in regularly when I’m outside working, He’s very responsive to my hand and sound signals. I give voice commands when needed, but have always mainly employed hand and sound signals when training and handling dogs. Since he’s a big boy, but only 8 months old, he’s sometimes rambunctious, but very loving and his gentleness will come with age. For me, he’s the Dog I’ve been missing! There’s something very intrinsic to having a dog who loves and trusts you and whom you can count on when you need them. 

So, now, when you come visit us at Briden Farm, you will probably be met by our two Dogs, Holly and My Boy Rocky! We await your visit, and remember friends and family are always welcome! ;).  

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  1. you both look so happy with the farm and now more so with the gorgeous dogs going to try my best to go see you all next summer Take care always look forward to hearing form you both Hugs to you and Dennis

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