What is it really like to be a Traditional Regenerative Farmer?

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I guess we could use our own photos, and videos, but sometimes it’s easier to share what we find. How we learn by watching, reading, and constantly learning. We’re currently watching The Biggest Little Farm. It does a great job of really showing what it’s like… 

That is the Trailer, the Movie is on Netflix. F you think we’re “living your dream” or that it’s easy, or peaceful, or less stress, be sure to watch it! 

If You think you have what it takes, and you like to learn more. If you like to learn traditional, small farm, homesteading, regenerative farming techniques and experience it all first hand, we invite You to check out our WWOOF Host Profile, and if you’re still interested, then contact us. 

Contact Brian at Briden Farm phone 📞 902-907-0770 

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