Coping with Flooded Gardens

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Over the past week or so we’ve had continuous rainy weather. My guesstimate is about 8 to 10 inches o rain with more still to come! At least another inch or so over the next twenty four hours. The gardens have been floode, standing water, running water, almost stagnant in some places. Not to mention road ways washing out and giving way to pot holes, and even rock slides! So, what does one do during these times!? This video will show you what I’ve been doing to help compensate… 

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2 Replies to “Coping with Flooded Gardens”

  1. Brian:
    You certainly are getting lots of exercise in your garden. I enjoy your posts and videos.

    1. Thanks Dave, I am absolutely in the best shape in my life! Loving it! Although there are days when I want to quit! Wet, covered in it, and frustrated. However, it’s great, and just teaches me to press on! I wouldn’t want to trade it!

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